Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yellow and Green

I drove by a small park today, on the way to meeting at a remote office. I couldn't help looking over at the back of the park at a particular tree. I remember the tree, and the pictures that I got at that tree, from last year. The light was bad today, but I remember how spectacular it was on that day.

I had been out looking for fire in the fall trees. Orange and Red. Fire. And it was all around in that area, like in this tree across the street from the little park:

I was getting back in my car, when I saw the yellow. One bare tree stood out in the bright sun, surrounded by yellow. So I headed over and investigated it:

I took a few establishing shots as I looked around the area, then started to focus on the dropped leaves themselves:

Wow, that's quite a pattern, I thought. Is it yellow on green, or green on yellow?

I got in closer...

I liked that rip in the leaf in the lower left.

I had some fun playing with close-up composition and with color...

I spent about an hour playing with various compositions in that yellow and green pile at the foot of that one unique tree in that park.

Then it was back to the orange...

So, I looked over at my yellow and green tree today as I drove by. It's a little early for the dropped leaves - plus the lighting was grey and depressing. Do I want to go back to that tree next week when the time is right, or go find something new? Decisions...


  1. are you still taking these with the Canon A550? Your chicago pics look like they're from an SLR...and you did mention getting a new camera.

  2. Hi Grace.

    Good eye! The Chicago set is the first that I've posted on LCP with the new Nikon D3000 SLR. All the pics on this blog so far were with the Canon Powershot A550.

    Did you like the Chicago set (...he says, fishing for compliments...)


  3. That's a gingko, there's one outside my door. On a given day in November, it promptly drops all its leaves, and for a while they lay like a peculiarly yellow snow on the ground. At least, here in California ...

  4. ok here I go again. Am guessing that you didn't get the comment that I tried twice leaving you two days ago...arrrrrghhh stupid internet.

    So basically no need to fish for anything, because you are awesome! I loved the Chicago pics and they remind me a little of Venice, the way the river runs through the city. I must make a trip down there some time in the new year...

    oh and I'll be seriously looking into buying an SLR in the new year too. Will be looking to you for advice on that.