Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Leaves are Turning

There is a day of awareness for me every fall. That day when my peripheral vision catches a glimpse of color that wasn't there the day before. The day that I realize that the leaves are turning. Fall is here.

Now, the Holy Grail of turning leaf travel photography, fall in New England, is a "get" that has eluded me thus far. My business travel schedule never really matched up to that window of time and that geography. I came close one day. I was driving in New Hampshire to get back to a hotel late in the evening. The light almost gone, probably just past. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a brief glimpse of lake through the trees, and some yellow. Wheeling around, I saw this:

For the most part, I celebrate Fall each year with a 10 minute drive to the park in my city. I have a certain tree staked out. A tree which reliably drops a set of colorful leaves year after year.

I watch that tree. Checked on it today, in fact - a few days yet to go. I watch the light - evening light is best, shade better. You'll find me there each year, walking around and looking at the ground with my macro setting on and an eye on composition.

Color. I'm playing with color and framing.

Single leaves. Groups. Both.

I can spend the whole day in the park if I'm not watching my time!

Don't forget the water...leaves fall in our Lagoon as well.

My senses are heightened this week now. I'm watching trees and color. I'm chasing the light...

You'll find more in the "Flowers and Leaves" gallery on my photo website.

Enjoy the Fall.

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  1. Ahh, the beauty of fall! Thank you for capturing it so well. :-)