Monday, October 5, 2009

A Belated Welcome

Welcome to Lick Creek Photography - the blog. A companion site to LCP - the photo website.

I am passionate about photography as a hobby. I have been since I bought my first camera in 1979. Even more so since I was stationed in Fairbanks Alaska with the Air Force in 1984, where I took a photography course at UAF in lieu of hunting. Hunting with a camera in one of the most beautiful states.

I had a great instructor in that course. A bit of a photo snob actually, who made it a point to compose the picture well in the camera and not in the darkroom (or Photo Shop!). He liked a "full frame" print, and taught us to love it too.

As my header says, I travelled extensively on business trips in the last several years. I spent my off hours chasing light and structure. Trying to get that one interesting picture that no one else got - even in the most travelled tourist spots. It's a challenge, and one I'm up for.

I've found that I have a lot of good stories to tell about the various shots that I've taken. The adventures that I've had. The risks that I've taken to get the elusive shot. I'll tell those stories here.

What I won't talk about a lot is equipment: camera bodies, lenses, flashes, filters, and the like. That's because I have none! I have in the past but, alas, not now. I use one camera, which had the principal feature of fitting in my laptop bag. It's this:

A Canon A550. $149 at Walmart! It's not about the camera, people. It's about the photographer.

I did spend a fair amount of my airplane rides reading the operator's manual. I do know what all of the settings are, and there are a lot of them to master in this little camera. I use them all at various times to get the picture that I want, in the camera if possible.

On to the stories.

The first one, Five Hours in Boston, was posted yesterday. I was a little eager...

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