Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Harvest 2012 photoset

I've had a terrific time in the last two weeks stalking tractors around fields in Central Illinois compiling a Harvest 2012 photo gallery on

The best part was that my sons came with me on the weekend drives in the country, patient while I "see" what I see in the landscapes and jump out of the car on the side of the road to get the pic. One of those stops got a little hectic when I inadvertently left the car in D! I walked toward the cornfield and froze when I heard my 13 year old scream from the front passenger seat. Looking back, I saw the minivan begin to roll towards the busy highway. I ran back across a ditch, yanked the passenger door open, and lunged across my son to throw the gearshift lever toward Park. As I did, the doorframe of the car slammed into my ribs and ejected me from the car. I hit the ground not knowing if I had succeeded or not. I was laying there looking at the rear wheel curving down at me, when suddenly it stopped. We were all safe.

I calmed down my son, found my camera in the grass, and went back and got the pic that I had seen.

There are 150 or so of my best shots from the last two weeks in the gallery. Check it out. Leave me a comment on what you like (or don't).

I see the leaves turning colors. I'm done with tracctors. Fall, it's on...