Thursday, April 29, 2010

Best Supporting Character at EbertFest 201

While the Far-Flung Correspondents and invited VIPs were all awesome, my nomination for "Best Supporting Character" at EbertFest 2010 is....The Virginia Theater itself!

What a gorgeous theater to see a movie in! Especially to see multiple movies over several days in...

I got quite familiar with the theater over the multiple viewing days. Seats down front 2nd row for opening night, in the balcony for Friday, and in various places on the main floor on the other days. Several views - all great. True, my seat was an ordeal for the 3 1/2 hour viewing of Apocalpyse Now Redux with a deleterious effect on my eroded backside. Overall, a great experience.

Entered in evidence for my nomination, my pictures of the Virginia:

- My view from the balcony on Friday:

The beautiful architecture of the Virginia main floor, Roger & Chaz onstage:

The balcony, as seen from the orchestra pit railing:

Milling about outside between movies:

Decorative detail in the lobby:

Decorative detail in the lobby:

The office door. I first thought - unfinished? 2nd thought - Art!

The other wall of the Virginia main floor:

Full moon rising above the balcony:

Stage lighting for a panel:

Panel discussion, with ambience:

Of course, the huge screen at the Virginia, the only way to see Apocalypse Now Redux:

Stage lighting:

Different stage lighting for a panel:

My last shot of the theater floor before departing:

Lastly, the men's inside joke during the festival: urinals with a view of Randolph St. Traffic. Really.

Faces in windows. See that upper left window? See the last picture.


To the Virginia Theater: Best Supporting Character of EbertFest2010!

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  1. Based on the evidence, I'd have to agree.

    There's a really nice theater near where I live called the Egyptian, which has an Egyptian motif inside (who would've thought!). Apparently, it originally was a Masonic Lodge, but even though I love that theater (and it does have a balcony), the Virginia Theater beats it. Hands down.